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Sea Beavers & Rattle Slugs



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Behind the scene on Sea Beavers and Rattle Slugs

Thank you for your interest in this fun and whimsical book. This is a humorous journey designed to tickle the heart and bring a smile to the readers face. The short stories in this book are based on real life experiences of the animal kingdom and new environments experienced in lives little adventures shared with my son.

The only advice I can give you, my son,
as life’s adventures call;
Think with your heart, feel with your mind and love conquers all.

This is the front cover, a picture of Steve when he was younger standing on a Unicorn. They were really special to us when he was growing up. I had read a story to him about how Unicorns missed the ark. They were having too much fun playing and missed the boat when it came time to float away in the rain.

This is the back cover and really sums up the book.

The picture is of Steven when he was a baby and me as a beaming new mother.



A little bit about the inside:

Sea Beavers ~ Page 4 This drawing I created using color pencil. The waters in the background represent a cross between an Aurora Borealis and a rainbow. Steve and I use to get up in the middle of the night to lay on the front lawn watch the shimmering Aurora Borealis like a dark rainbow in the sky.
Rattle Slugs ~ Page 6 This drawing is the same as above ~ created using color pencil. The waters representing a cross between an Aurora Borealis and a rainbow.
Cotton Candy Skies ~ Page 8 This is one of my drawings created through an art class in the Woodland Park Zoo. It was done using environmentally friendly pastels. This is an image of a placid swan.
Chalker Stalker ~ Page 10 This is an drawing I created in colored pencil.  The cat was a snow leopard stalking me at the Woodland Park Zoo. When my art instructor pointed him out behind me the big cat had a sweet look on his face and almost seemed to smile when I finally glanced at him.
Pygmy Marmosets ~ Page 12 This is one of my drawings created through an art class in the Woodland Park Zoo. It was done using environmentally friendly pastels. This is a Pygmy marmosets, the world’s tiniest monkeys. As I stood behind the glass window to draw this marmoset he occasionally came up to the glass as if to ask about my progress. I would turn my big drawing board around and he studied it for some time then returned to his branch to pose again.
Pallas’s Cat ~ Page 14 This is one of my drawings created through an art class in the Woodland Park Zoo. It was done using environmentally friendly pastels. This is a drawing of Ling Ling a Pallas’s cat. Her keeper came out to greet me as I stood in front of her habitat early in the morning before the zoo had opened to the public. She told me Lin Lings mate had just passed away and the Pallas’s cat was mourning the loss of her friend. When the keeper walked off Ling Ling came over and lay on a large rock in front of me. I pulled out my drawing board and began to sketch and talk to her as if she were an old friend. I spent the entire day with Ling Ling and we really made a connection.
The Wave ~ Page 16

Walt Kilgore was our next door neighbor in Kirkland Washington. He was a fireman who had 2 years left until his retirement when he was killed in the "Pang warehouse" fire on January 5, 1995. Walt use to watch Steve walk to school in the mornings and waived to him as he went one direction and to me as I drove off in the opposite direction. A few days before his death he told me what a sharp dresser Steve was. His death taught me not to wait until retirement to enjoy life and never take the simple act of a wave for granted.


A link to more information about Walt:


Momma’s Boots ~ Page 18 I purchased these "Dan Post" boots in 1979, they are still my favorite boots and I wear them on special occasions. Steve loved these boots as he was growing up. Every time my car keys were missing I know to look in my boots.
Momma’s Shoulders ~ Page 20 This is a picture of Steve and me, this was a picture taken on a fun camping trip we had with friends.
Adiós Flamingos ~ Page 22 This is a drawing I did of our Dog Polar Bear. He was a big dog. The typical Samoyed is about 75 pounds. Polar Bear was 110 pounds when Steve I adopted him from the local animal shelter. He spent the first week at the veterinarians to have porcupine quills removed from his nose and face. He was 6 years old and apparently had been in abusive situation. When we brought him home he seemed very grateful to have a family that loved and cared for him. The first Christmas Polar Bear spent with us he run free in the woods as we cut our Christmas tree. He must have had a totally different idea of what we were doing because when we set the tree up in the house and put our little towns people under it Polar peed on the tree like a giant DogZillah. He must have thought "this family is greet, they have given me my own indoor tree" LOL
Moo Kitty ~ Page 24 This is a drawing I created of our Kitty "Moo Kitty". He loved to lay under our rose bushes in Seattle. When he was 12 years old he developed a large cist on his head. He had surgery to remove it but the vet said it was really deep and a biopsy would be the only way to tell if Moo Kitty had cancer. We decided not to forgo more surgeries and took Moo Kitty home. Moo was very cuddly for about a week ~ as if to he was telling us good buy. He slipped away into the woods one morning and we have not seen him since.

Some day I hope to see Polar Bear and Moo Kitty again :-)




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