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About Me

Bill's Life before glass artist

My Rocket Scientist

My Husband Bill Grout and Me :-)

We made the journey from Geeks to Glass.

Well we are still kind of Geeks ~ but now we are Glass Geeks :-)

My life before I was a glass artist.

Process Engineer

This is a picture of Bill at Kennedy Space Center. He is the cute one on the right.

Bill and Rae at Lake Como, Bitterroot NF, MT 

This is a picture of me being way too serious analyzing God knows what in some chem. lab.


Places my work has been published in print magazines

Check out this PDF

This is my glass art on page 8

of the 2010 Winter issue

of The Flow Magazine


Check out pages 24 - 26 of the

Winter/ Spring 2008 issue of

The Annealer Magazine

Bill and I are featured artist.

This is a PDF file of the article

Check out this PDF

To see my glass art on page 20

of the 2008/2009 Winter issue

of The Flow Magazine

This features my 4-Elements Design

Check out this PDF

This is my glass art on page 19

of the 2007 Winter issue

of The Flow Magazine

Check out this PDF

This is my glass art on page 14

of the 2006 Volume 3, Issue 4

of The Flow Magazine

       A short Bio ~ "About Me"


For 20 years I worked in the printed circuit board electronics industry. I have a chemical engineering background and understand the importance of thermal dynamics. This was one of the keys to printed circuit board stability, that same principal flows over into proper glass annealing after the glassblowing process. I had studied fine art and sculpture at Pratt and several art studios around the Seattle area. One day I met a glass instructor with an eye patch. I asked him why his classes were not held at night or on weekends so working people like me could take his classes. I don't remember his exact words but later on realized I had been talking to the glass god Dale Chihuly. Now I wish I would have taken time out of my day job to studied in his glassblowing classes. His glass art has always moved and inspired me euphorically.

I started working with hot glass in 2002 when I was introduced to it by Bill Grout a glass artist who has worked in the field since 1993.
In April of 2003 I moved to the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains of Mountain to be with Bill and become a full time glass artist. On January 24, 2004 Bill and I eloped and I wrote my family from the hotel room " hey guess what I did this weekend" Hee Hee. Bill and I live on a 10 acre farm that over looks the valley. The beauty and serenity of the environment we live in is fused into the glass pieces we create. Our glass studio is about 20 steps from our house and if you hear the door rocking don't bother knocking, just come on in :-)

Our goal is to spread peace and harmony one bead at a time : -)

My Harmonic torch ~

used to fuse love and harmony

into every piece of glass :-)

Wishing you warm and wonderful days :-)



Where we live & work


My Son & the reason for the name SonShyne :-)


My 2D artwork


My family

Mom & Dad

My son Steven


Colter, Hali                            Holly, Bob


Regie & Kenny

Scotty & Family

Jeffers & Family

Louise,  Jude & Peter


Little Miss H



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